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About Us

About Us

Meet Our CEO

Reneé Hall, born a native New Yorker, prides herself on her journey because of the many struggles and also the many accomplishments achieved throughout her life. She is the CEO of Natural Trendzetter, LLC. This company is an umbrella for many projects she continues to thrive in. Currently, the company manages 2 salons in Georgia and one coming soon in Maryland. There are continuing education classes available, to expand your skills as well a book; My Mistakes, Your Fortune which directs like minded people on how to run a successful business.


Renee is known for her expeditious speed and is passionate about creativity on the crown. With over 35 years in the hair industry, she strives to open doors for many aspiring entrepreneurs and continues to put her heart into the advancement of the hair industry. Renee has a passion to please God for she truly believes in Him, and with that relationship, her success is owed to Him. She is a true testament of faith, a word she has tattooed on her foot – simply because she walks by faith and not by sight.

Mission Statement

Natural Trendzetter is a full service hair salon specializing in textured and protective hair styling. Our salon highly values teamwork and professionalism striving to exceed expectations in customer service. Career development is in position for every role and skill level within the company. This provides advancement for each individual; and is done so with guidance and education. The focus on growth and elevation in the beauty industry is a win for all.
Natural Trendzetter is a no lye lifestyle.

Meet Our Team

Our professional staff works hard to give you the best healthy haircare regimes.



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Do you have a passion for hair and beauty? Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Join our team of professional hair stylists today. When you join our team you’ll be assured that you’re working with an award-winning stylist that can help guide you through the entire process. Join our team today and find out why we are Atlanta’s Top Natural Hair Salon.